IL0376F TriColor E-Ink Display Module [1.54in] [200x200 Pixel]

IL0376F TriColor E-Ink Display Module [1.54in] [200x200 Pixel]
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The IL0376F display module is a tri color E-Paper which uses electronic ink for displaying. Electronic ink or as we like to think, Infinite ink, imitates and copies the look of normal ink on paper, such as its use in Electronic-Readers, it has high visibility and contrast, a wide viewing angle, and low power requirements. When the display is programmed with text or images, this text or image will be remained for a long lifetime, even when there is no battery to power it. So one of the great benefits of the IL0376F display is that battery power is required when refreshing the content of the display.
It has a built-in driver IC that does not require provisioning the driver, only by a few peripheral devices, you can control the display through the MCU, and saving your resources. You can display any position to display black, white, red three-color content, with ultra wide viewing angle of nearly 180°.
The IL0376F is an all in one driver with timing controller for ESL. Its output has about 2-bit of white and black and 1-bit of red color resolution per pixel. The timing controller provides control signals for the source driver and gate drivers. The DC-DC controller allows it to generate the source output voltage VDPS/VDNS (+/-2.4V~+/-8V, +/-15V). The chip also includes an output buffer for the supply of the COM electrode (VCOMAC or VCOMDC). The system will be configurable through a 3-wire/4-wire (SPI) serial interface.

Type: Tri Color E-Ink
Driver IC: IL0376F
Input Voltage: 2.3V ~ 3.6V
Color: Black, White, Red
Screen Size: 1.54 inch
Resolution: 200x200 Pixel
Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
Display area: 27.6mm x 27.6mm
PCB Size: 31.8mm x 37.32mm x 1.05mm

Package Include:
1 x 1.54 inch tricolor Display

Display Properties
Color Black, White, Red
Driver IC IL0376F
Resolution 200x200 Pixel
Screen Size 1.54 inch (27.6mm x 27.6mm)
Type Tri Color E-Ink
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 2.3V ~ 3.6V
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Size 31.8mm x 37.32mm x 1.05mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 0°C ~ 40°C

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