HX750 Electronic Scale ADC Serial Converter Module

HX750 Electronic Scale ADC Serial Converter Module
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Tags: Analog to Digital Converter, ADC, 24 bit ADC, Digital Scale, Scale module

HX750 is an electronic scale module. Its working principle is to convert the measure into a resistance value changes and then become an electrical signal output through the conversion circuit. 
The module communicates with the host computer through TTL232. 
The advantages are: simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, reliability, high sensitivity and fast measurement speed.

Please read this note before use:
Please correct the steps value, otherwise it will output wrong.
First select the correct serial port number
Start communication
After it completes the above two steps, it can perform the following operations.
The first time you connect the sensor, make zero calibration.
Then load the code, enter the weight, select the weight unit, and press the Calibrate button.

Note: Pay attention to the correct polarity of the power supply before running.

Differential Input Voltage: ±20mV 
Full-scale Differential Input Voltage: ± 40mV 
Resolution: 24 bit
Refresh Frequency: 80Hz
Operating Voltage: 5Vdc
Operating Current: 10mA (Max)
Pin Number: 8 Pin
Interface: Serial
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 65°C
Size: 38mm x 22mm x 10mm (LxWxH)

Application: Many areas of extensive aviation, mechanical, electrical, chemical, construction, medicine, etc., used to measure force, pressure, displacement, strain, torque, acceleration, etc. 

Package Include:
1 x HX750 Electronic Scale Module 

Interface Type Serial
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 80Hz (Refresh Frequency)
Operating Voltage 5Vdc
Operating Current 10mA (Max)
Board Parameters
ADC 24 bit
Pin Count 8 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 38mm x 22mm x 10mm (LxWxH)
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ 65°C
Storage temprature -40°C ~ 65°C

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