HANTEK 6022BL USB Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope

HANTEK 6022BL USB Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope
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An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that graphically displays varying signal voltages, usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Other signals (such as sound or vibration) can be converted to voltages and displayed.
Logic analyzers provide an ideal tool to verify and debug complex designs for electrical engineers. Logic analyzers are useful when multiple signals must be observed simultaneously, as well as when you need to look at a system's signals in the same way its hardware does. The biggest difference from the oscilloscope is the extra input channels it offers.
Some digital oscilloscope relies on a PC platform for display and control of the instrument. This can be in the form of a standalone oscilloscope with an internal PC platform (PC mainboard), or an external oscilloscope which connects through USB or LAN to a separate PC or laptop.
The Hantek 6022BL is a USB-based, 2-channel oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of 20MS/s and a 48MS/s sampling rate, and an 8-/16-channel logic analyzer with 24MHz sampling rate.
HANTEK 6022BL Oscilloscope USB and logic analyzer device can either be used as an oscilloscope or as a logic analyzer, but not both at the same time. I.e., it is not a mixed-signal-oscilloscope (MSO). Currently, only the 8-channel logic analyzer mode is supported.

HANTEK 6022BL USB Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope Application:

  1. product line maintenance
  2. notebook computer
  3. repairing systems
  4. checking multiple signals 

HANTEK 6022BL USB Logic Analyzer Virtual Oscilloscope Features:

  1. Model: Hantek6022BL
  2. Power: USB Port
  3. Standard Probe: 2 x PP80
  4. Size: 200mm x 100mm x 35mm
  5. Bandwidth: 20MHz
  6. Channel: 2 Channel
  7. Sample Rate: 48MSa/s
  8. Memory Depth: 1M
  9. Rise Time: 17.5ns
  10. Time Base Precision: ±50ppm
  11. Time Base Range: 4ns/div-1h/div (Step by1-2-4)
  12. Input Impendence: 1MΩ
  13. Input Sensitivity: 20mV/div~5V/div
  14. Vertical Resolution: 8Bit
  15. Vertical Position Range:
    20mV ~ 5V/div @ x1 probe; 200mV ~ 50V/div @ x10 probe;
    2V ~ 500V/div @ x100 probe; 20V ~ 5KV/div @ x1000 probe
  16. physDC Accuracy: ±3%
  17. Bandwidth Limited: 20MHz
  18. Trigger Type: Edge, Alternative
  19. Trigger Source: CH1, CH2
  20. Math: +,-,x,÷,FFT, Invert
  21. Cursor Measurement: Cross, Trace, Horizontal, Vertical
  22. Auto Measurement: Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
  23. Logic Analyzer Features
    Channel: 16 Channel
    Max. Impedance: 1MΩ(C=7.5pF)
    Max. Voltage: 0V~5.5V
    Max. Sample: 48M
  24. Bandwidth: 10MHz
    Compatible Input: TTL, LVTTL, CMOS
    Memory Depth: 1M/CH


  1.  Hantek 6022BL unboxing Link
Electrical Parameters
Channels 2 Channel (Oscilloscope) , 16 Channel (Logic Analyzer)
Bandwidth 20Mhz (Oscilloscope) , 10MHz (Logic Analyzer)
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Sample rate 48MSa/s
Board Parameters
Ports USB
Physical Parameters
Size 200mm x 100mm x 35mm

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