1 Pair GS-1502 Linear Micro Servo Motor [3.3V-6V]

1 Pair GS-1502 Linear Micro Servo Motor [3.3V-6V]
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A servo motor is an electrical device that can push or rotate an object with great precision.
A servo meets all your ultra micro servo needs.
It is just made up of a simple motor that runs through servo mechanism a light weight linear servo for 1 cell powered applications where weight is the key element to getting your micro in the air whether it be for 3rd indoor or a park flyer. It is a closed-loop system where it uses a positive feedback system to control motion and the final position of the shaft. The degree of rotation can be controlled by applying the Electrical Pulse of proper width, to its control pin. Servo checks the pulse every 20 milliseconds. The pulse of 1 ms (1 millisecond) width can rotate the servo to 0 degrees, 1.5ms can rotate to 90 degrees (neutral position) and 2 ms pulse can rotate it to 180 degrees. 
 A high torque motor coupled with a fast response makes this a great solution for your weight sensitive projects.

Model: GS-1502
Operating Voltage: 3.3V ~ 6V
No Load Current: 100mA (at 6V)
Loading Current: 450mA (at 6V)
Torque: 240g.f (at 6V)
Direction: CW and CCW
Life Time: 15000 Tims (unload)
Wire Length: 100mm
Gear Type: Nylon
Size: 21.4mm x 15.2mm x 6mm

Package Include:
1 x 1 Pair Linear Micro Servo

Motor Specifications
Motor Size 21.4mm x 15.2mm x 6mm
Motor voltage 3.3V ~ 6V
No Load Current 100mA (at 6V)
Torque 240g.f (at 6V)
Direction CW and CCW
Load Current 450mA (at 6V)
Physical Parameters
Life Time 15000 Tims (unload)
Cable Features
Cable Length 100mm

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