Flexible Solar Panel [5V] [25W]

Flexible Solar Panel [5V] [25W]
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Flexible Solar Panel is a 0.45m x 1m rectangle thin film, which generates 5V DC, 25W power electricity. The solar panel generates electricity from an endless and clean source. It converts sunlight into DC electricity, to charge the battery, turn on the lights, etc. Solar panels are categorized according to their nominal power generated in Watts. This nominal power is the amount of power the solar panel would be expected to generate in 1 hour of sun shining in its peak, which depends on geographical locations, season of the year, climates/ weather conditions, etc.
The flexible panel, known as thin-film solar panel is made up of one or more thin layers of photovoltaic materials that are laid onto a substrate. The thin layers with their multiple light absorbing layers can be hundreds times smaller than a traditional silicon solar panel. It has lower efficiency than the other traditional solar panel. Flexible panel is easy and comfort to install, and much more portable and easy to carry than typical panels, which are bulky and heavy and require heavy-duty roof mounting systems. Therefore, flexible solar panel has less installation cost, but the unit of watts per price of a flexible solar panel is more than the rigid panels. Also, it has more watts per m2, means that for an equal electricity power, the flexible panel needs more surface. In many places, there may not be enough roof space to produce your desired amount of electricity.
Because of laying on the roof, without support or mounting tools, The flexible panels don't change the roof appearance and block the air flow.  Note that when the temperature is hot, then solar panel efficiency would be reduced. If the temperature is too hot, then it can burn the plastic laminate of the flexible solar panel.

Voltage: 5V
Current: 5A
Power: 25W
Conversion Rate: 55W/m2
Size: 1000mm x 450mm

Package Include:
1 x Flexible Solar Panel

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 5V
Current 5A
Power 25W
Physical Parameters
Size 1000mm x 450mm (1m x 0.45m)

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