F1-Z Turbine Air

F1-Z Turbine Air
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F1-Z Double Supercharger Turbine Turbo Air Intake Fuel Saver Fan is an upgraded car power generator to save fuel consumption of the car, which is made of twin turbine Propellers. This double-sided turbine is installed on the air path of the automobile fuel system and can increase the intake air flow and pressure to improve fuel burning efficiency. It offers more dynamic control on the intake system by intensifi\ying the airflow for the combustion process. At first normal starting of the engine, its fan propellers spin to make maximum turbulence in the entrance airflow, which results in increasing of fuel atomization in the car cylinders and so increasing the fuel efficiency and horsepower of the car. This F1-Z supercharger can do these activities for the cars:
Improving the torque in the mid-bottom speed of the car
Improving fuel burning and more flexible throttle system
5-15% fuel saving 
It can easily be installed, in the intake hose between the original car bellows and the throttle valve and place in front of the 10 to 30cm butterfly valve.

Propeller: Double
Material: Aluminum alloy
Length : 75mm
Inner diameter: 60mm
Outer Diameter: 64mm

Package Include:
1 x  F1-Z Turbine Air 
3 x Silicone cases

Physical Parameters
Size 75mm x 64mm
Length 75mm
Inner Diameter 60mm
Outer Diameter 64mm
Material Aluminum alloy

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