BMX055 9-DOF IMU Sensor Module [3.3V]

BMX055 9-DOF IMU Sensor Module [3.3V]
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Tags: AHRS Module, Air Pressure Sensor, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Accelerator, IMU Module, Geomagnetic Sensor, Digital Sensor, Motion Detection

The BMX055 is an integrated 9-axis sensor for the detection of movement and magnetic heading. It comprises the full functionality of a triaxial, low- g acceleration sensor, triaxial angular rate sensor, and a triaxial magnetic sensor.
The BMX055 senses orientation, tilt, motion, rotation, shock, vibration and heading in cellphone, handheld, computer peripheral, man-machine interface and game controller.
All three sensor components of the BMX055 can be operated and addressed independently from each other. The BMX055 integrates a multitude of features that facilitate its use especially in the area of motion detection applications, such as device orientation measurement, gaming, HMI or menu browser control. All sensor parameters and all settings of the respective interrupt engines can be easily programmed via the digital interfaces.

Main Chip: BMX055
Input Voltage: 3.3V
Accelerometer Resolution: 0.98mg
Gyroscope Resolution: 0.004°/s
Magnetometer Resolution: 0.3μT
Accelerometer Range: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
Gyroscope Range:±125°/s, ±250°/s, ±500°/s, ±1000°/s, ±2000°/s
Magnetometer Range: ±1300μT (x,y), ±2500μT (z)
Accelerometer Sensitivity: 1024LSB/g (at ±2g), ±4g: 512LSB/g (±4g), 256LSB/g (at ±8g), 128LSB/g (at ±16g)
Gyroscope Sensitivity: 262.4 LSB/°/s (at ±125°/s), 131.2 LSB/°/s (at ±250°/s), 65.6 LSB/°/s (±500°/s), 32.8 LSB/°/s (at ±1000°/s), 16.4 LSB/°/s (at ±2000°/s)
Magnetometer Sensitivity: 3.3 LSB/μT
Output Type: Digital
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Pin Number: 10 Pins
Size: 26mm x 13mm

Package Include:
1 x BMX055 IMU  Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Gyroscope Range ±125°/s, ±250°/s, ±500°/s, ±1000°/s, ±2000°/s
Magnetometer Range ±1300μT (x,y), ±2500μT (z)
Output Type Digital
Acceleration Range ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
Resolution 0.98mg (Accelerometer), 0.004°/s (Gyroscope), 0.3μT (Magnetometer)
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3.3V
Board Parameters
Main Chip BMX055
Pin Count 10 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 26mm x 13mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +85°C

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