AK8002 Indusrtial Humidity Controller

AK8002 Indusrtial Humidity Controller
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The intelligent humidity controller adopts advanced microcomputer embedded technology, selection of full-digital capacitive humidity sensor, with automatic humidity compensation function, can accurately measure the humidity, and according to the humidity control output power settings, Measurement precision, simple operation, strong anti-interference ability, etc.
This product has the humidification and dehumidification of two kinds of working mode, can control the humidifying (humidifier, water, etc.), also can control dehumidifier, dehumidifier, air conditioning, etc.), two kinds of working mode automatically switches. And support high humidity or low humidity voice alarm function, users can according to the specific needs, flexible set alarm mode and alarm of humidity range. 

Working voltage: 220Vac
Standby power consumption: <2W
Probe types: high-precision probe
Moisture Range: 0% ~100% RH
Moisture Accurcy: ±2%RH
Humidity Range: 0% ~ 99%RH
Humidity Accurcy: ±1%RH
Humidifying mode: start humidity < stop humidity
Dehumidification mode: start humidity > stop humidity
Output power: 0 ~ 1000w (max)
Fuse protection: 10A , 250V
Size: 138mm x 120mm x 43mm

Package Include:
1 x AK8002 Humidity Controller

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy Moisture: ±2% RH , Humidity: ±1%RH
Measuring range Moisture: 0% ~100% RH , Humidity: 0% ~ 99%RH
Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 220V
Power Consumption <2W (Standby)
Physical Parameters
Size 138mm x 120mm x 43mm

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