PX4FLOW Optical Flow board Sensor Module

PX4FLOW Optical Flow board Sensor Module
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Tags: Optical Flow Sensor, PX4FLOW 2.1, CUAV PX4FLOW

PX4FLOW smart camera is an optical flow smart camera. It has a native resolution of 752x480 pixels and calculates optical flow on a 4x binned and cropped area at 400 Hz, giving it a very high light sensitivity.
In order to use the PX4Flow board, connect it to the I2C bus (on any Pixhawk series controller) and enable the driver using SENS_EN_PX4FLOW.
The default I2C address of the PX4Flow is 0x42, but it can be incremented using the three solder jumpers labeled "I2C BUS ADDR". This is useful if another device has the same address.

CUVA PX4flow module Application:

  1. PX4 PIXHAWK Flight Control
  2. smart drone

CUVA PX4flow sensor module Features:

  1. MT9V034 machine vision CMOS sensor with global shutter
  2. Optical flow processing at 4×4 binned image at 400 Hz
  3. Superior light sensitivity with 24×24 μm super-pixels
  4. Onboard 16bit gyroscope up to 2000°/s and 780 Hz update rate, default high precision-mode at 500°/s
  5. Onboard sonar input and mount for Maxbotix sonar sensors. (HRLV-EZ4 )
  6. USB bootloader
  7. USB serial up to 921600 baud (including live camera view with QGroundControl)
  8. USB power option
  9. Does fit the MatrixVision Bluefox MV mounting holes (camera center off-centered)
  10. 168 MHz Cortex M4F CPU (128 + 64 KB RAM)
  11. 752×480 MT9V034 image sensor, L3GD20 3D Gyro
  12. 16 mm M12 lens (IR block filter)
  13. Size 32.5*38mm
  14. Power consumption 115mA / 5V


  1. PX4FLOW Optical Flow Board link
  2. PX4FLOW smart camera datasheet link pdf

Board Parameters
CPU 168 MHz Cortex M4F CPU
Physical Parameters
Size 32.5mm x 38mm

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