XG-01 Electromagnetic Door Lock [12V]

XG-01 Electromagnetic Door Lock [12V]
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Tags: Electromagnetic Door Lock, Door Lock, Solenoid Switch, Home Automation, Maglock, Solenoid Door Lock, Electric Lock

The most basic forms of electronic locks are simple electromagnets or solenoids. When a user “unlocks” the lock, a current traveling through a coil of wire creates a magnetic field that attracts a metal plunger or locking pin. A solenoid bolt is a type of electronic-mechanical locking mechanism. This type of lock is characterized by the use of a solenoid to throw the bolt. Sophisticated solenoid bolt locks may use microprocessors to perform voltage regulation, reduce power consumption, and/or provide access control.
An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate, that is easy to install. Latch Electric Lock is very fit for desks, cabinet, window or safe box high secure and more easy to operate, connect to a stable power supply and which will open when it is energized.
Electronic door locks are a way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking. The motor is controlled by an electrical impulse, which may be triggered in a number of ways: by an electronic card reader, by a keypad or by a wireless remote control sensor.

Model: XG-01
Voltage: 12V DC
Current :1.5 ~ 3A
Material: Metal, Electronic Parts
Working Mode: Power-Off-Lock 
The Unlocking Time: <1s 
Continuous Power: <10s
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +50°C
Size: 43mm x 27mm x 27mm

Package Include:
1 x XG-01 Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 12V
Current 1.5 ~ 3A
Power 18W
Physical Parameters
Size 43mm x 27mm x 27mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +50°C

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