YDLIDAR X4 360 Degree Infrared Distance Measuring Sensor [5V] [0-10m]

YDLIDAR X4 360 Degree Infrared Distance Measuring Sensor [5V] [0-10m]
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An IR distance sensor uses a beam of infrared light to reflect off an object to measure its distance.
The YDLIDAR X4 360 degree is a 360-degree two-dimensional distance measurement product (hereinafter referred to as X4) developed by the YDLIDAR team. This product is based on the principle of triangulation and is equipped with relevant optics, electricity, and algorithm design to realize high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement.
At the same time as the distance measurement, 360 degrees of scanning distance measurement is achieved by continuously obtaining the angle information through the 360-degree rotation of the motor.
The sensor consists of an IR LED and a light detector or PSD (Position Sensing Device). When the beam of light gets reflected by an object, the reflected beam will reach the light detector and an ‘optical spot’ will form on the PSD.

360-degree scanning distance measurement
Small distance error; stable distance measurement and high accuracy
Wide-ranging range, not less than 10m
Strong resistance to ambient light interference
Industrial-grade brushless motor drive, stable performance
Laser power meets Class I laser safety standards
360-degree omnidirectional scanning; 6-12Hz adaptive scanning frequency
High-speed ranging, ranging frequency up to 5000hz 

YDLIDAR X4 module Application:

  1. Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
  2. Robot ROS teaching and research
  3. Regional security
  4. Environmental Scan and 3D Reconstruction
  5. Home service robot/sweeping robot navigation and obstacle avoidance

YDLIDAR X4 module Features:

  1. Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 5.2V
  2. Recommended Input Voltage: 5V
  3. Working current: 330mA ~ 380mA
  4. Logic Voltage: 0V (Low), 3.3V (High)
  5. Sample Rate: 5000Hz
  6. Scanning Frequency: 6Hz ~12Hz
  7. Distance Range: 0.12m ~ 10m
  8. Scanning Angle: 0° ~ 360°
  9. Resolution: <0.5mm (at <2m) , <1% of distance (at >2m)
  10. Laser Wavelength: 785nm
  11. Laser Power: 3mW
  12. Interface: Serial
  13. Baud Rate: 128000bps
  14. Life Time: 1500h
  15. Size: 101mm x 51mm


  1. YDLIDAR X4 datasheet pdf
  2. YDLIDAR x4 raspberry pi Link

Interface Type Serial
Laser Features
Power 3mW
wavelength 785nm
Sensor Parameters
Detection Angle 0° ~ 360°
Distance Range 0.12m ~ 10m
Resolution <0.5mm (at <2m) , <1% of distance (at >2m)
Electrical Parameters
Baudrate 128000bps
Frequency 6Hz ~12Hz (Scaning Frequency)
Input Voltage 4.8V ~ 5.2V
Input Voltage (recommended) 5V
Working Current 330mA ~ 380mA
Logic Voltage 0V (Low), 3.3V (High)
Sample rate 5000Hz
Physical Parameters
Size 101mm x 51mm
Life Time 1500h

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