JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module [3V-5.5V] [20cm-600cm]

JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module [3V-5.5V] [20cm-600cm]
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Tags: Ultrasonic Sensor, Ultrasonic Distance Module, Distance Sensor, Distance Measuring, Noncontact sensor

JSN-SR0T4-2.0 ultrasonic measuring module distance can provide 20cm-600cm without remote contact detection function, precision ranging up to 2mm. 
The module includes an ultrasonic sensor transceiver and a control circuit. It is a piezoelectric sensor made with electrostrictive phenomena.
This is a Waterproof Ultrasonic Ranger. It has the same usage of HC-SR04, those are non-contact distance measurement module, it provides high accuracy and high resolution ultrasonic proximity detection and ranging in air. This ultrasonic sensor detects objects from 20cm to 600cm.
This Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor to measure distance.
Interfacing with it is the same as other cheap ultrasonic sensors, but it offers better performance and can be used in harsher environments and is waterproof too! It can be easily interfaced with Arduino and Sample codes and projects are available.
This module has an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver, so you can consider it as an ultrasonic transceiver. 
When the ultrasonic wave generated by the transmitter encounters the object, the sound wave will be emitted back, and the receiver can receive the reflected ultrasonic wave. 
It is only necessary to calculate the time from the transmission to the reception, and then multiply the speed of the sound in the air(340 m/s) to calculate the distance from the sensor to the object. 

Model: JSN-SR04T
Working Voltage: 3.0V ~ 5.5V
Working Current: <8mA
Distance Range: 20cm ~ 600cm
Accuracy: ±1cm
Acoustic Emission Frequency: 40KHz
Induction Angle: <75°
Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃

Package Include:
1 x JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Ranger

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy ±1cm
Distance Range 20cm ~ 600cm
Induction Angle <75°
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 40KHz
Input Voltage DC 3.0V ~ 5.5V
Working Current <8mA
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃

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