450nm 5W Laser Pointer Kit [7V]

450nm 5W Laser Pointer Kit [7V]
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Powerful Blue Beam Laser Pointer [5W] [450nm] is a factional cylindrical powerful laser pointer that supplies with an internal battery to create a blue laser beam at 450nm wavelength with 5W power. 
A laser diode, (LD), an injection laser diode (ILD), or diode laser is an especial semiconductor P-N junction, to emit coherent light with a narrow spectrum. Two big challenges of laser diodes projects are proper heat control (heat dissipation) and proper powering supply (diode driving). Therefore laser diode should be attached on the heat conductive case (copper, aluminum, and so on) to export diode heat-producing into this body. Also, an optical lens is placed on the body to focus the laser beam. High-power laser diodes are used in industrial works such as heat treating, cladding, seam welding and for pumping other lasers, such as diode-pumped solid-state lasers. 
This laser pointer is presented with protection and funny accessory includes a blue laser protection goggle (for safety), 2 16340 lithium battery, a battery charger (city electricity AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, Max150mA input and DC 4.2V 650mAh output), and 5 additional fancy pattern head that all these parts are placed and maintained on a metal portable box. This pointer is supplied with 7.4V DC produced by internal 16340 lithium rechargeable batteries. The body case is made of Anodicoxidation aluminum material with silver color and is equipped with a touch switch to on/off the laser beam. This pointer can greatly act more than one-kilometer distance. It needs a warm-up time of about 3 seconds. 
This pointer can be used for far from alarm, making fire, point smoke, engraving on nonmetals (plastic, wood, leather, etc.), point firecrackers, cutting plastic, self-defense, call for help, etc.

Wavelength: 445nm ~ 450nm
Power: 5W
Light color: Blue
Battery: Two 16340 batteries (3.7V)
Preheat time: ≤3seconds
Working voltage: 7V
Range distance: >10,000 meters
Focal Point mode: Adjustable
Housing color: Silver
Housing material: Alloy metal

Package Include:
1 x Blue laser pointer
5 x Caps
1 x Goggles
2 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Aluminum box

Laser Features
Power 5W
wavelength 445nm ~ 450nm
Color Blue
Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 7V
Physical Parameters
Material Alloy metal
Color Silver

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