Here Pixhawk2 GPS Module

Here Pixhawk2 GPS Module
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HEX and ProfiCNC are excited to announce the next generation of the HERE location products. These two new products expand the capability of the current HERE family which include:
The HERE2 GNSS which adds 10 DOF IMU, ProfiLED’s, along with future CANBUS capability. The HERE2 is the new standard in commercial navigation solutions.
The HERE+ V2 includes all the features of the HERE2 with the addition of RTK centimeter precision.
This new release will provide an optimized solution for the ever-changing customer requirements; with enhanced reliability and future customization.
With a built-in STM32F302 microprocessor, running ChibiOS (a real-time operating system), which enables user-defined features along with supporting firmware updates:
The STM32F302 is a high-performance microprocessor, with an innovative core and peripherals.
Outstanding performance - embedded Cortex
Powerful software support with feature-rich software packages
Comprehensive technical documentation
The inbuilt bootloader allows users to customize the code and add features according to their requirements. Hex / ProfiCNC via OMD will actively update the firmware and add more functions to exploit the full potential of the hardware.
Out of the box, HERE2 supports standard serial port + I2C transmission data, just plug it in as you did the previous unit. With support for CAN bus on the way, the HERE2 can be switched through the built-in mechanical switch and included CAN cable.
The CAN data transmission mode provides powerful technical support for Distributed Control System, to realize real-time and reliable data communication between each node. As the most commonly used communication protocol in the automotive industry, CAN bus has the advantages of strong real-time data communication, high reliability, flexible application, and redundant structure. CAN allows for a distributed Autopilot system by placing components at their optimal position on an airframe without the worry of signal degradation.

Here 2 GPS Pinout:
1. VCC_5V
4. SCL
5. SDA
8. GND

Pixhawk2 module application:

  1. drones
  2. robotic
  3. multi rotor

Here 2 GPS Specs:

  1. Processor: STM32F302
  2. Sensor
  3. Compass, Gyro, Accelerometer: ICM20948
  4. Barometer: MS5611
  5. Receiver Type: 72-channel u-blox M8N engine, GPS/QZSS L2 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B11, Galileo E1B/C, SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
  6. Navigation Update Rate: Max: 10 Hz
  7. Positionaing Accuracy: 3D Fix
  8. Time to first fix:
  9. Cold start: 26s
  10. Aided start: 2s
  11. Reacquisition: 1s
  12. Sensitivity:
  13. Tracking & Navigation: -167 dBm
  14. Hot start: -148 dBm
  15. Cold start: -157 dBm
  16. Assisted GNSS
  17. AssistNow GNSS Online
  18. AssistNow GNSS Offline (up to 35 days)
  19. AssistNow Autonomous (up to 6 days)
  20. OMA SUPL& 3GPP compliant
  21. Oscillator: TCXO (NEO-8MN/Q)
  22. RTC crystal: Build in
  23. ROM: Flash (NEO-8MN)
  24. Available Antennas: Active Antenna & Passive Antenna
  25. Signal Integrity: Signature feature with SHA 256
  26. Protocols & Interfaces:
  27. UART/I2C/CAN: JST_GH Main interface, Switch internally.
  28. STM32 Main Programming Interface: JST_SUR

Here 2 GPS module Items:

  1. Here2 GNSS GPS
  2. GPS CAN cable
  3. GPS cable for Pixhawk
  4. 3M stickers


  1. Here 2 Gps can setup link
  2. Here2 GPS Manual pdf
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