Arduino UNO Tracking Obstacle Robot Kit

Arduino UNO Tracking Obstacle Robot Kit
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Tags: Arduino Robot, Arduino Robot, Obstacle Avoidance, Avoidance Robot

*** The Robot is not Assembled!

This robot car is for all professional engineer fans to assemble and make second developmentg, it is not a toy. Suitable for the electronic Engineers or students(above 12 years old) . 

Packing List :
1 X ardino uno r3 Development board 
1 X USB data line 
1 X SMT components box 
1 X LCD1602 display 
1 X SG90 Steering engine 
1 X Steering engine Accessories bag 
2 X Non slip wheel 
2 X Carbon Brush motor 
1 X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic module 
1 X charger 
2 X 14500 Rechargeable battery 
1 X Accessories bag (Brass screw) 
1 X 8*8 Dot matrix 
1 X 4 digital tube 
1 X 1 digital tube 
1 X Active buzzer 
4 X Key switch 
2 X Ball switch 
2 X Photosensitive resistance 
2 X Thermistor 
1 X 74HC595Chip 
1 X Intelligent car floor 
2 X small bread board 
1 X advanced receiving box 
1 X MINI Remote control 
1 X Data disc 
30 X Colorful bread line 
25 X DuPont line 
1 X Universal wheel 
1 X Fixed board 
1 X Ultrasonic module Fixed board 
1 X Steering engine Fixed board 
1 X battery box 
1 X Infrared receiving tube 
3 X Adjustable resistance 
1 X Flame sensor 
5 X Plug resistance 10K 
5 X Plug resistance 1K 
8 X Plug resistance 220Ω 
5 X red LED light 
5 X yellow LED light 
5 X blue LED light

Physical Parameters
Weight 1.1Kg

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