9S002 Soldering Wire [0.8mm] [17g]

9S002 Soldering Wire [0.8mm] [17g]
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 ProsKit 9S002 9S001 9SN-310G Soldering Wire Pen [0.8mm] [17g] is a 17-gram silver high purity tin alloy which is provided as a pen or tube with three optional Taiwan Baogong models of  9S002, 9S001, and 9SN-310G.
Solder is a composition of two low melting point metals that can be melted in low temperature to weld few metallic surfaces such as electrical component or plumbing part. Solder is provided in two basic types of lead-free and lead-based, that lead-based has a lower melting point. Also, solder is produced in forms of wire. bar, pill, and paste. Lead-based solder is made of  60% tin and 40% lead mixture alloy to achieve low melting points about 180°C to 190°C lower than lead-free type. This lead-based type is widely be used in the past, but because of the human health harmful effects, nowadays this type may rarely be used. Lead-free solder is a solder without lead material, that has a higher melting point than lead-based solder higher than 217°C. This higher melting point means requiring more heating and harder work, of course, safer and more healthy operation. Soldering works require solder paste or solder flux to improve and strengthen the welding process, thus solder wires are so designed that contains this flux in the solder wire core. So usual solder wire contains solder flux in its core. Solder flux is categorized at two main types of acid core and rosin core (acid-free), that acid core is designed for plumbing works and rosin core is made for electronic soldering.
This ProsKit solder is 9S002 model with 3m wire shape that is a lead-free solder and composed Sn 61%, Pb 37%, and Ag 2%. This soldering wire is put in the plastic tube to easily keep, carry, and solder without touching the operator's hands, that can easily be used for soldering of the electronic parts and switches in educational and maintenance projects. This model is specialized for SMD, LSI, and PCB industry.

Brand: Pro'sKit
Model: 9S002
Material : Sn 61%, Pb 37%, Ag 2%
Diameter : 0.8 mm
Weight: 17g
Length: 3m
Suitable for soldering & maintenance work

Package Include:
1 x ProsKit 9S002 Solder Wire [0.8mm] [17g]

Physical Parameters
Length 3m
Diameter 0.8mm
Weight 17g
Material Sn 61%, Pb 37%, Ag 2%

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