9-DOF IMU Sensor Module [3V-5V]

9-DOF IMU Sensor Module [3V-5V]
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Tags: IMU Module, AHRS Module, Digital Sensor, GY953, 9DOF, Magnetometer Compass Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor

GY953 9-DOF IMU Sensor Module [3V-5V] is a location detector with 9DOF that can detect triaxial acceleration, tri-axis gyroscope, and three-axis magnetic field for full flight controlling of the drones, and copters. This multi-sensor module integrates Gyroscope sensor, Accelerometer detector, and compass sensor, based on three chips of gyroscope sensor (6 axes gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit) and compass sensor (3-axis magnetometer). 
The gyroscope sensor is a small motion-tracking chip, that integrates a tri-axis gyroscope, tri-axis accelerometer, a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) and two sets of three ADC for converting the tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer analog output to digital signals.  The motion tracking chip can develop phones and tablets into powerful 3D smart devices to utilize in health monitoring, sport, fitness monitoring, and similar location-based services applications.
The compass sensor chip is a low field magnetic sensor with internal self-test, offset eliminator, and strap drive circuits, that can measure both the direction and the magnitude of Earth’s magnetic fields,  it can be used as a compass sensor with high resolution about 0.1° compass heading. This chip can communicate with other board and application such as gyroscope sensor through the serial bus.  The electronic compass chip can be used in many applications such as  Mobile Phones, laptops, Consumer Electronics, Auto Navigation Systems, and Personal Navigation Devices.
This module has an internal regulator and logic converter to support logic level (3.3V ) or microcontrollers level (5.0V) and so can be supplied with 3V up to 5V  and at least 15mA DC. This 9DOF board produces digital outputs of Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Compass that can be programmed and can communicate with microcontroller and Arduino boards through the serial port (with baud rate 9600 or 115200) or 4 pins of the SPI communication.

Model: GY953
Output Type: Digital
Interface: SPI , UART
Working Voltage: 3V ~ 5V
Working Current: 15mA
Output update frequency: 200HZ
Resolution: 0.1°
Pin Number: 12 Pin
Size: 15.5mm x 15.5mm

Package Include:
1 x GY953 9-Axis Inertial Navigation Sensor Module

Interface Type SPI , UART
Sensor Parameters
Output Type Digital
Resolution 0.1°
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 200Hz (Output)
Working Current 15mA
Working Voltage 3V ~ 5V
Board Parameters
Pin Count 12 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 15.5mm x 15.5mm

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