4A EMI Power Filter Module

4A EMI Power Filter Module
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power EMI filter is a reactive low-pass filter installed in the power supply inlet of electronic equipment, which can inhibit the noise interference transmitted through the power line of the power grid. It can also inhibit the high-frequency interference signals generated by the electronic devices themselves from entering the power grid and harming other electronic devices. Therefore, EMI has become a device that must be installed in electronic equipment.
Power supply noise is a type of electromagnetic interference. The frequency spectrum of conducted noise is approximately 10 kHz to 30 MHz and can be up to 150 MHz. According to the different propagation directions, power supply noise can be divided into two categories: one is the external interference introduced from the incoming power line, and the other is the noise generated by the electronic device and conducted through the power line. This indicates that the noise is a two-way interference signal, and the electronic device is both an object of noise interference and a noise source. If we look at the characteristics of formation, noise interference is divided into two types: interference in series mode and common mode interference. Series-mode interference is noise between two power lines (referred to as line-to-line). Common-mode interference is the noise of two power lines to ground (abbreviated as line-to-ground). Therefore, the electromagnetic interference filter should meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and it must also be a two-way RF filter. On the one hand, it must filter out the external electromagnetic interference introduced from the AC power line, and on the other hand, it can avoid the Noise is emitted from outside to avoid affecting the normal operation of other electronic devices under the same electromagnetic environment. In addition, the electromagnetic interference filter can suppress the serial mode and common mode interference.

L is the live line of the mains AC220V, and
N is the neutral line of the mains AC220V. 
E is the common end of the output (equivalent to GND) connected to the chassis.

Package Include:
1x Filter Module
Electrical Parameters
Voltage AC 100-250V
Current 3-4A
Physical Parameters
Size 21mm x 49mm x 19mm

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