50 PCS WS2811 LED String [12mm]

50 PCS WS2811 LED String [12mm]
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Tags: WS2811, LED String, Addressable LED, RGB LED, 5V LED, LED Strip

Traditionally, strip lights had been used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. 
The WS2811 is 3 output channels special for LED driver circuit. Its internal includes intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also, include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current output drive. For the purpose of reducing power supply ripple, the 3 output channels designed to delay turn-on function.
LED strip designs are available populated with many different shapes, sizes, and power levels.
LED strip lights most commonly operate on 12 or 24 volts of direct current from a power supply, sometimes referred to as a driver.
Strip lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use depending on whether they are water-resistant. Since the strip is flexible and can be divided at any point between LEDs, it is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of installations. Outside of traditional lighting, strip lighting is extensively used in DIY projects or lighted clothing.  Each LED has 256 brightness displays with a full 24-bit color scheme.  Each LED can be controlled separately for a desired color or animation. The WS2811 LED String works greatly with Arduino.

Driver IC: WS2811
Working Voltage: 5Vdc
Working Current: 15mA ~ 18mA
Power: 0.15W/LED
IP Grade: IP68
Diameter: 12mm
Life Time: >50000h
Viewing Angle: 180°

Outdoor advertising
Christmas decoration
Cove Lighting
Path and contour lighting
Backlight for signage/ letters
Architectural lights for Canopy, Corridor, Window, Archway
DIY Lights for home use
Marine light
Task lighting
Replacement of Fluorescent light
Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition
Package Includes:
50 x WS2811 RGB LED

Electrical Parameters
Working Current 15mA ~ 18mA
Working Voltage 5Vdc
Power 0.15W/LED
LED Parameters
Color RGB
LED Size 12mm
Viewing Angle 180°
Physical Parameters
Life Time >50000h

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